[NTLK] Newton IrDA - some news

From: Adriano <adriano.angelillis_at_gmail.com>
Date: Sat Jun 03 2006 - 07:49:58 EDT


i took an IrDA module from a bondi iMac. It's a serial to IrDA
converter which is connected to
an internal serial port located near the video port on the iMac

Published some photos of the IrDA module here:

I thought i could use this IrDA module with a simple usb-serial
converter such as the NewtUSB
[ http://notwen.com/newtusb/ ] but i discovered i would need some
help on the software part instead.

A serial through IrDA link couldn't be estabilished w/o transmitting
the correct IrDA protocol,
so i tested the Newton IrDA Installer and had no success.

I assume that when using a iMac (bondi) the system extensions make
the internal serial port
recognizable as an IrDA port so that the Newton IrDA Installer could
get a positive response
when placing a call to the system about the availability of IrDA

Here lays the problem i think, cause when i connect the iMac IrDA
module to the NewtUSB,
there's no system extension loaded which will tell to the Newton IrDA
Installer where's located
the IrDA port. Although available on the NewtUSB's serial port, the
IrDA installer doesn't know it.

I would continue to make tests on the hardware, but i would really
appreciate if anybody
who have some more infos about this setup would chime in.

Kind regards,

Adriano Angelillis


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