Re: [NTLK] "Upgrading NIE"

From: Martin Joseph <>
Date: Sat Jun 03 2006 - 21:09:00 EDT

On Jun 3, 2006, at 4:55 PM, L.W. Brown wrote:

> 2 points:
> Adriano is asking for donations to create a fund with/from/by which
> to give incentive to developers for them to spend their valuable time;
> it might not work, but we won't know until someone talented makes a
> serious effort.
> I have no skills or talent in this field, but I can contribute to the
> incentive "pool," so I am willing to do so - naive but hopeful...
Good point.

Keep in mind though that Paul is our foremost Newton systems developer.

His opinion is not lightly given. When he says "there will be no new
NIE" he isn't just whistling dixie.

I think that as great as the existing hardware is (we love it), the
Newton is in it's current form well and truly dying. Paul may provide
a future for us that allows for running on MANY future hardware
platforms, as well as radically extending the architecture of Newton
software (relativity).

While Einstein may not help the MP2100 be a better internet platform,
it certainly could provide us in the future with a way to enjoy "the
NEWTON" experience on a standards based platform (ie Unixy system with
X11) and have all the other benefits of that transition too.

I personally would rather give my dollars (or zazafroomonkies if you
will) to Paul if it could help make Einstein move forward more quickly.

Spending a bunch of time to make the existing Newton have a better NIE
(and it would require a BUNCH), would be great, but would also be a
waste to some extent.

My 2c(us)

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