Re: [NTLK] New NTK (was: Re: "Upgrading NIE")

From: Adriano <>
Date: Sun Jun 04 2006 - 09:15:26 EDT

04/giu/06 Paul Guyot wrote:

> The main problem with your project to upgrade NIE is that there is
> nearly no developer left. No one develops for the Newton. There's
> maybe three developers who know enough of the internal of NewtonOS to
> undertake this task and none can have the time to do it. Upgrading
> NIE is too much work for new developers. This is why this funding
> thing is completely unrealistic.

Please let me say that the MessagePad itself was unrealistic during
first years of '90s.

Apart from that, the U.NIE initiative is intended as a starting point.

I agree that only a few developers are intentioned to continue
and we need to bring more attention to the Newton platform.

The same as we need to get new developers, i want to give more
support to the great developers that left us for the same reasons
that made you close the "Desktop Connection Library" project.

I felt very bad the day you announced to stop working on the DCL,
and i really complainted myself for not having been of help on that

> Even a much more simpler project doesn't find developers. We
> definitely need a new NTK to develop Newton packages on MacOS X
> without Classic. All the pieces are available: NEWT/0, a NewtonScript
> interpreter and compiler, many open source libraries out there to
> build packages (such as the DCL) and NewtObjC, an extension to NEWT/0
> I wrote that allows one to power a Cocoa application with
> NewtonScript. It could even be used to power a GNUStep application on
> Linux.

I am aware that we already have a lot of tools to work on NewtonOS
but i also remember the years before the OpenSource community was
"born". At that time there was almost no chances to get a freeware.

Today everything it's changed, but developing for NewtonOS still
requires much work,
and developers they won't even start thinking to develop on Newton
cause they feel this platform doesn't pay.

I would love to let developers think that this is not true, but i
need the help of entire community:
  - publishing a link to on your forum/blog/
  - writing your own comment on the u.nie webpage
  - posting the tech-notes and tech-links you are aware of on the
u.nie webpage
  - sending me your ideas to improve the initiative's webpage to

Then if only a half of the people on this list would donate some bucks,
i think we would see something happen.

If nothing won't happen, the money will be completely refunded
and according to your "prophecy", i will cry my tear to the Newton.

Regards, Adriano

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