Re: [NTLK] "Upgrading NIE" (the Newton is nearly dead)

From: John Royston <>
Date: Sun Jun 04 2006 - 10:19:51 EDT

>I believe the only future of the Newton (if any) lies in the Einstein
>project. This is why I work on this and not on NIE or all other
>problems that remain to fix.
NEWTON IS DEAD! It just doesn't smell real bad yet.

I agree with Paul. I recently had a very humbling experience with a old mac
laptop running 9.1 I was trying to check a few of my daily web site and it
took 4 different browsers just to navigate my normal pages. It had a very
had time with the current web content. The last OS 9 is from late 2001. The
newton is in worse shape than that even if a "NEW NIE" appeared.
I love the newton platform to but it is going to die on apple hardware. I
enjoyed the tinkering with it and all that was unlocked after being dropped
that Apple never intended. But now I enjoy hacking my PSP and have it doing
all kinds of stuff Sony did not intend.

I am thankful for Paul's efforts. It is people like him that allow me to
play Sid Meier's Pirates! for the commodore 64 on VICE. I can't wait to take
notes again with out the failing hardware doom! It is just a matter of time
until I get jaggies or worse.

I applaud Adriano and his dedication, that the kind of thing that has
allowed it to hang on this long.

John Royston

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