Re: [NTLK] quoting limitations in messages on this list

From: Victor Rehorst <>
Date: Mon Jun 05 2006 - 14:50:08 EDT

simon wrote:
> a few times a message I send is rejected because of the quoting ratio.
I didn't realize that Simon posted this to the list - he also wrote me
off-list. This is my reply:

Well, it's in place for the following reasons:

- To prevent someone or some broken mail software from forwarding or quoting
an entire digest message back to the list

- To promote good e-mail style by forcing people not to include tons of
unneeded context in short messages. A few years ago (four years almost to
the day, in fact) this was a problem on the list and many people complained
to me about it. So I enabled this feature of the list software.

> can you ajust the ratio or disable the system? Personally i hate html quite
> more that plain text mail. because that clutters my mailbox more frequent.

Well, your message made me double-check the settings, and I found a bit of a
problem. Ecartis has been enforcing these quoting rules on any message over
21 lines long TOTAL, which is the default but IMHO quite restrictive. I
thought I had raised it in the past. Anyways, I just changed it so that it
only enforces the rule on messages over 50 lines long total. Sorry about that.

I also see that I neglected to write about this in the list FAQ, so I'll
update that as well.

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