Re: [NTLK] Removing a package

From: Victor Rehorst <>
Date: Mon Jun 05 2006 - 15:57:47 EDT

Karl Miller wrote:
> Good evening!
> I am having a blast with my Newt and I installed
> Newt95_.pkg to make it mimick a Win95 computer: a fine
> time was had by all! But, now it's time to remove it,
> and I cannot find it in the Extras menu and I have no
> idea how to remove it. Please help.

If you set it as the backdrop app, it won't appear in Extras. You have to
set something else to be the backdrop first, and then you'll be able to find
it in Extras.

Easiest way is to make Extras show all apps in list view:

-Open Extras
-If it's in icon view, tap the Overview button (the dot next to the scroll
arrows) to switch to list view
-Tap the tab at the top of extras and select "All Icons" then do it again for
"All Stores"
-Scroll until you see Newt95, check it off, then tap Route -> Delete

(Route is the envelope button)

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