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From: Adriano <>
Date: Tue Jun 06 2006 - 14:16:35 EDT

I experienced that some MP2100 have a pcmcia slot with inner metal
slider which tend to "float".
Infact on one unit of MP2100 i had problems when inserting a 3Com
ethernet card, a EZ2VGA card,
on a 320MB ata memory card and on a Pico card, but the same cards fit
perfectly on a unit of MP2000.

I solved the problem putting a thin piece of tape around the pcmcia
plug of the above mentioned cards.
The tape made the overall dimensions of the cards a bit thinner, so
that they could be inserted fine.


06/giu/06 andy bloom wrote:

> Just to complete the full monty with cards and apps... my Pico card
> still fails to 'fit' into the card slots. It works on my 130 and is
> still in good shape after testing with a Powerbook and Win PC. It
> slides in but doesn't seem to engage with the pinned interface on the
> 2000... is this a known issue? If so, how can I get round it?

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