Re: [NTLK] russian and spanish dictionnary for newton

From: DJ Vollkasko <>
Date: Tue Jun 06 2006 - 16:43:17 EDT

* * * Russian Localization * * *

Dear Newtonians,

if you're interested in Russian Newton Localization, Anton Balaban's
wonderful localization webpage has moved to .

On Anton's Download page, he also has some very nice russified Newton
packages, fonts and even Quickfigure Russian *and* Newton Press Russian
*and* Newton Book Maker Russian (!!!), keyboard drivers, cyrillic
dictionaries, fonts... Fantastic Russian stuff for NOS 1.0, NOS 2.0 and
NOS 2.1.

If you're interested in Newton Localizations to other languages, you
might also want to check out

and see if you can contribute links to Localization packages and leave
some useful tips for your fellow Newton users. Let's compile our
collective knowledge there, before more websites and their localization
packages disappear. Preserve Newton-knowledge--stop the brain-drain!

The Newton FAQ (March 2003) is not as outdated on the topic of
localization as it it is on quite a few others (IR, Bluetooth, WLAN,
ATA Support, Einstein, Mail V... Paging NEWTON FAQ maintainers: Any
chance for an update? Last time it was announced for Fall... Fall 2003,
that was. ;=( ):

lists helpful websites, of which only three or four more are dead links
today... ;=/ Has anybody saved these pages and their packages? I would
be happy to host them in the Temporary Newton Library. Drop me a line




Re: [NTLK] russian and spanish dictionnary for newton

From: Anton Balaban (
Date: Fri Aug 29 2003 - 11:24:49 PDT

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On Пятница, авг 29, 2003, at 16:04 Europe/Moscow, e u <>

> i speak russian, work with russians in paris, and hope to be able to
> russificate completely newton and emate

Then you might be interested in the following url:

Anton Balaban
Sound Engineer
Mosfilm Sound Studios
Moscow, Russia
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