[NTLK] (OT) Poland & Poutine!! Ne'er the twain shall meet

From: Alaric Dyson <ADyson_at_Rogers.com>
Date: Wed Jun 07 2006 - 18:01:52 EDT

Sadly I won't be going in the direction of Krakow. No, I haven't met up with
the cold fish yet. I'll have to find out about that. I did have a fish
experience in Norway though. The Hotel I stayed at in Ergesund served mainly
fish every day even for breakfast. Couldn't wait to get home and sink my
teeth into a nice juicy steak. So far all the food I've eaten in Poland
though unpronouncable has tasted good . I still think they use way too much
unnecessary characters in their words. I been told Canadians have a pretty
bad reputation here in Tarnobrzeg since they pulled out of the sulphur
mining business. I've been advised to keep a low profile.

My observation: A Tim Horton's style Poutine & Coffee chain could be a
lucrative business in Poland or is that just my North American way of


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From: "Jon Glass
Subject: [Bulk] Re: [NTLK] A little pointer in the right direction....

>> Hi Jon
>> I'm currently visiting in your mother country. On business in
>> Tarnobrzeg. A
>> place where Hamburgers have no beef patties and bacon is not served at
>> breakfast time. Is there somewhere I can buy some Poutine?
> Actually, Poland is my adopted home. But, I do see that you discovered
> our wonderful hamburgers.... sometimes, they even contain actual pork!
> :-) The breakfast "bacon" is not, as you may have noticed, but I like
> it. Our first day in Poland, back in 1997, we only had Polish
> "balaron" in our fridge, and we tried cooking it like American bacon.
> It didn't work too well, but the spices used are delicious! If you are
> in a hotel, I presume you have found the cold fish? ;-)
> However, as far as Poutine is concerned.... hm. haven't found even the
> curds for it! But try some "ser wiejski". It's sort of like American
> cottage cheese. Sadly, you are a ways from us. Will you be closer to
> Krakow? It would be interesting to meet another NTLKer. There's at
> least one more of us, near Warsaw. Alex. Maybe he'll speak up. But
> he's a transplant, too--only from Canada.
> --

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