Re: [NTLK] Looking for tool for setting clock (year) faster

From: Sonny Hung <>
Date: Thu Jun 08 2006 - 10:20:30 EDT

On 6/8/06, Andrei Chichak <> wrote:

> DOH! I guess I can give up on that project. I was writing that tool
> (mostly to blow the rust off of my NewtonScript) and was just about
> done. It was the first of three projects...on to number 2.

Hey Andrei,

Never just drop a project... finish it off...
I'd love to check it out anyway... you can always shoot me a copy of
the complete project so I can learn from your code... I should one day
take some time to learn NewtonScript.

In any case I'm still looking for the package that James mentioned but
am unable to find it yet... also one question to those out htere who
actually can program...
Would it be possible to create a package that hooked into the Newton's
setup program which actually offers a nice way to change the time/date
& year? or was that already done.

God bless,
Sonny Hung
the Hung Family
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