Re: [NTLK] Cheap Einstein Platform?

From: simon <>
Date: Thu Jun 08 2006 - 14:29:55 EDT

On 8-jun-06, at 15:10, Andrew Diller wrote:

> Um, Einstein seems to be _only_ running on Unix platforms (Pepper,
> Zaurus, 770, Linux x86, Mac) so I don't think the Palm is _anywere_
> even remotely close to being supported. So just 'forgedaboutid'

i'm quite curous about the e-ink solution now in developement. take the
Iliad from irex technologies. nice i-ink touchscreen and a lot of
storage. no real networking though, only usb. but running a month on a
set of batteries is not bad. and the e-ink is VERY good readable. I had
the oportunity to look at a sony lybrie and i was amazed, exept for
the slowness of the rebuild of the display. that was really slow. like
1 page took 2 seconds!

met vriendelijke groet
Simon Claessen
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