Re: [NTLK] Things that drive you mad...

From: Giulio Marchi <>
Date: Thu Jun 08 2006 - 19:04:48 EDT

The precious ImageInBox from Mr Padilla can be found in the following
page and "it allows you to view JPEG and GIF files received via OBex in
the inbox". You will need to have Mail V with Image Stationery

Or you can create a package in Press with your image(s) and put it away
with IC/VC after the transfer. Check what is the fastest option in your
case (in terms of image opening time on the Newton).


Il giorno 08/giu/06, alle 21:25, Martin Joseph ha scritto:
> It depends on what format the files are in... IC/VC from Eckhart
> Koppen allows you to "put away" some type of data, and I believe that
> Daniel Padilla also had some kind of "picture" helper for putting away
> photos. Might have been a Tibet related thing if memory serves.

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