[NTLK] Newton OS n00b Seeks Advice

From: Ivan Kowalenko <ivan.kowalenko_at_gmail.com>
Date: Sat Jun 10 2006 - 02:21:59 EDT

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Hello. I'm looking into purchasing an Apple eMate 300. As I
understand it, it has a paltry offering of storage (2 MB), but a
decent processor (a 25 MHz ARM CPU of some sort), a fully functional
PCMCIA slot, and Newton OS 2.1.

I'm a complete Newton n00b, so I'm wondering, how difficult is it to
configure one of these things for use with WiFi? What kinds of
applications are available? Where do I find them? Things of that nature.

One of my biggest concerns is using it in conjunction with my iBook.
I have an iBook G4 (Dual USB), which is, of course, legacy free. No
ADB, nor do I own any other computers in the house with an ADB port.
Pretty much, this is the only Mac. I've heard that the eMate only
uses the ADB connector for information swapping. Is there some modern
answer to this problem? For the most part, all I'm going to use this
for is probably some minor word processing, possibly spread sheets
(if I can find software to do that), maybe some web browsing. I'm
probably going to want to find some way to move documents to and from
the eMate. With any type of networking (wired/wireless), is it
possible? And with what kind of output formats? I have a copy of
Apple Works 6, nothing older. Any advice?

Thanks for all the help.
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