Re: [NTLK] "PackageFlag Changer 0.1a2" by T. Murai

From: Ed Kummel <>
Date: Mon Jun 12 2006 - 15:40:51 EDT

Thanks for the clarification...
  I remember back in the "olden" days of computing, when hobbiest's ruled the world, Phil Katz (the inventor of the ZIP compression format) wrote an app that compressed executables and still allowed them to be executables (I think it was called PKLite) This was back in the day of expensive hard drives (Wow! 5mb HD? How the heck will I ever fill that up?)
  As for speed...I remember back in the 14,400 days of modems that used compression to speed up the data rate. Unfortunatly, if you tried to z-modem an ARC file (a file that was already compressed) it would retransmit each packet since it couldn't be compressed any further so it would fail and request a retransmit of that packet without compressing the datastream.
  I also had a weird compression anomoly that showed another problem with compression. A webserver was serving compressed pages (modern webservers will gzip static pages and serve them to save on bandwidth) Unfortunatly, packet based protocols do not send packets in any particular order so older browsers would receive packets and attempt to display them in the order received...but the compression scheme is only identified in the header packet, which may or may not be the first packet in the stream! So some people got binary garbage on their screens...
  And don't even get me started on the headaches I got from working with Stacker in Windows 3.1!
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DJ Vollkasko <> wrote:
    Does so, too, Tech Ed-dearest! ;=}

  Now, we've seen that compression saves space. Compression may also save
time--e.g. in transmitting data, whether compression turned on on your
modem, or data wrapped up as .zip-archive--the payment in data
processing (compressing/decompressing) brings viable time gains where
transmission is the bottleneck.
  Also note that space is not that precious anymore as it used to be,
what with affordable 20 MB Linear Flash cards from Frank or ATA Support
and the low, low prices for Compact Flash-cards on Ebay. Even brandnew
Secure Digital-Cards are cheap now--I've recently seen 1 GB (!) offered
for EUR 30,--. ATA Support *does* talk SD-cards, doesn't it?

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