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From: Ivan Kowalenko <>
Date: Wed Jun 21 2006 - 19:07:23 EDT

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De-top-posted for my sanity.

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>> Here's his e-mail...
> Argh...
> please do NOT post my (or any other people's) email address in the
> body of a
> NewtonTalk message. It'll be there for address searching robots to
> find
> forever after. I'm getting enough spam as it is. A good strategy is
> to post
> it somewhat like that...
> (remove all occurences of the letter "x")
> me at

On Jun 20, 2006, at 23.30, Paul Curtis wrote:
> Hmmm, never knew that. Sorry to cause any inconvenience... Wouldn't
> the
> algorithm pick up the anyway? Maybe .pda-soft@de or
> something
> else more cryptic?

The point is that if the e-mail address is me at, and you
use, then when the 'bot picks up mxxexx@pda-, it'll send mail to a non-existant mailing address. They do
the same thing on Slashdot, except they're a little more creative
about it, like minus famous poet. Or they'll put
the address in backwards. It's common practice. The idea is that the
bot doesn't get his/her REAL address. That's all that matters.

> Anyway, sorry about that.
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