Re: [NTLK] Hello all! (and an Ethernet question!)

From: Victor Rehorst <>
Date: Wed Jun 28 2006 - 16:04:26 EDT

Dylan Shell wrote:
> 7. Since I don't know how to get system Internet status (like
> ifconfig/ipconfig) so I used a very naive (albeit end-to-end) test. I
> installed newtscape (nwcp21e2.pkg) and went to the "Newt's Cape
> Example Page". It pops up a dialog to connect. I select the Internet

Newt's Cape likes to hide the connection progress from the user. It
suppresses the usual NIE connection dialog that appears and shows it in the
Newt's Cape status bar instead. On the left side of the Newt's Cape window
are two arrows: the top one expands the address bar to 3 lines, and the
bottom one shows / hides the status bar. Try expanding the status bar and
you should see stuff there when you try to connect.

Or use Courier instead;

Everything else you stated is normal.

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