Re: [NTLK] Hello all! (and an Ethernet question!)

From: Dylan Shell <>
Date: Thu Jun 29 2006 - 03:31:08 EDT

I rewiped my Newton, and installed the packages in the order recommended.
I've installed and tried to use courier, and switched off the DHCP.

My current theory is that the card is a dud. I noticed today that the card
doesn't result in a link light from the hub (doh!). Anyway, I was able to
get everything up and running with an WaveLAN Wifi card. However, I'd
still like to get wired ethernet connection working... I'll try the card
on another network.

A second avenue I briefly considered was with a "Socket Communications
LP-E" card which I had lying around. This card isn't on the list of
supported ones -- but it's a 5V 16 bit card that has the same chip set as
the others that use the atlan set. Glancing at the driver in the linux
kernel sources, it seems as if I simply need to change the memory offset
and three values. Are sources for this driver available? Or does adding
support require writing something like the "3comaddon" patch? I've spent
some time looking at, but I don't have a good feeling for how
much of the software has sources floating around.

Thanks for the help.

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