[NTLK] Problems with NewtDump

From: Johannes Wolf <mp2100_at_mail-gw.estec.esa.int>
Date: Fri Jun 30 2006 - 02:20:06 EDT

Now, being in the need to transfer my contacts from the Newt to the PC I
figured out that LookOut stops after 60 contacts, I spent a lot of time
trying different options/configurations til I gave up.

I remembered that there was a nice tool called sloup. Installed that on my
Newt and got a bit stuck with the command line.
But I found out that there is this nice tool NewtDump from Victor.
I went to chuma.org/code and found a variety of versions.
Expecting that "0.1 final" is indeed the final version I figured out that
this is an older version that lacks the option of dumping the names soup.
Then I downloaded 0.1b97 that looked nice.

Starting the DUMP was no problem at all.
The Newt seems to send all my contacts (number of entries was indicated in
sloup was correct). Then NewtDump starts "parsing" and here my problem
starts -> it gets stuck.
The file (no matter if I chose text or CSV) appears but contains only 2

I then tried other versions of NewtDump, in one of them I got an error
message "overflow", but the result was the very same.

In the meantime I tried the long and stony way of commanding sloup via
Hyperterminal and succeeded to dump all my names, but there is still a lot
of work to do to bring the names entries into a nice order.

Any experiences, ideas, prposals how to solve the problem?



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