Re: [NTLK] Newton Museum DVD Torrent - What is a .DMG file?

From: Adriano <>
Date: Fri Jun 30 2006 - 11:05:41 EDT

The .ISO archive of the Newton Museum is available here:


30/giu/06 Kirk Zathey wrote:

> The discs themselves are in Mac OS Extended format. This means, even
> if you had access to the actual disc, you could not even read these
> without a Mac OS based computer, unless you used a 3rd party utility.
> The only way you could use these is if the extracted contents were
> posted but this would make it less convenient for Mac users that want
> to burn it to a DVD and keep it archived.
> Kirk Zathey
> On 27-Jun-06, at 1:45 PM, Victor Rehorst wrote:
>> Gary Moody wrote:
>>> Hi Adriano,
>>> What is a .DMG file? I'm not sure I have the software to read
>>> this format
>>> of DVD Image file. My software (Nero) will take a variety of
>>> image files,
>>> but >DMG is not listed among them.
>>> What software is required to read and burn the image?
>> Oh, or should I say: whuh-oh.
>> DMGs are Mac Disk Images. You can't read or do anything with them
>> unless you
>> have Mac OS X. Personally, I hate this format.
>> Adriano... you should recreate the torrent with the extracted
>> contents of the
>> DVDs. That's what I did with the UNNA torrents.

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