Re: [NTLK] rtf in In/Out (and over Bluetooth)

From: Giulio Marchi <>
Date: Tue May 02 2006 - 18:09:34 EDT

Il giorno 02/mag/06, alle 20:24, Riccardo Mori ha scritto:
> When I last tried receiving RTFs over Bluetooth, it happened a
> curious thing. The files showed up regularly in the In/Out area, I
> selected them and instructed the Newton to file them away, believing
> they would be stored as notes or NewtonWorks files, instead they just
> disappeared. Missing in action. I wonder why this happened. If
> someone has ideas/suggestions, (s)he's more than welcome.
Personally I am starting to look at this thread as a potential source
of real amusement. We all reported different (and unsuccessful)
experiences for the same problem...

Il giorno 02/mag/06, alle 21:42, Russell,Allen ha scritto:
> As you said, NCU can do it. Do you have a way to direct NCU to the
> serial
> port that is assigned to bluetooth?
No idea about it. It doesn't even look that feasible to me either,
unless I am wrong.



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