[NTLK] blunt and serial ports

From: edward mccaughan <madscientist_at_macunlimited.net>
Date: Sun May 07 2006 - 13:54:59 EDT

is it possible to use blunt as a standard serial port at all?

I know you can use it as a ppp connection but unfortunately that isn't
quite working (does anyone managed to get internet sharing on windows
2000 working? or knows how to set the newton to use flow control?)

And think I recall something about making the bluetooth serial port
available to the dock application required a minor plugin hack, can
anyone point me in the right direction to find out more about this?
particularly, would every program need modified to be able to see the
new serial port or would the plugin make it visible to the entire system?

has anyone managed to get it working?


Edward McCaughan

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