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From: RAParker <quadzillanet_at_newted.org>
Date: Mon May 08 2006 - 13:06:54 EDT

So...I do appreciate everyone listening to my ranting and raving about
Knowledge Navigator. I'm doing it for one reason only; you, me, and the
Newton community as a whole. (yeah...right!) It IS making a difference
though, check this out:

A couple years ago, I said that I would never do business with KN
because the "Feedback Left For Others" is too scary. I said it then,
I'll say it again. You can tell alot about a person, by the way they
talk about others. Now, his Feedback and, more importantly, "Feedback
Left For Others" have seen a 180 degree turn around. I now feel
comfortable buying from him without worrying about my own reputation.

Recently, I expressed that I would never do business with KN because
his prices are too high, his auctions are unclear and I just don't
trust him. That's changing too! KN has posted brand new auctions and
the one in particular that I complained about, is priced to sell.

A $39 eMate 4MB Memory Card ($69 BIN Price) + a straight up, no
nonsense, $12 shipping to US is now available. Yeah baby! Check it out:

        http://tinyurl.com/gvswf (BTW: It sold almost instantly with
BIN...maybe KN DOES want to sell his stuff!)

To Knowledge Navigator:

Take it to the next level!

Trust - oooo...that's the big one. Well, you've been listening to my
rants for 2 years now and each time, we see a change. Good job! Cash in
those trust points.

Want more points? Simplify! Just "Keep It Simple Simon!"

Describe it, sell it, ship it. Don't blind everyone with paragraphs of
information that have nothing to do with what you're selling. Get rid
of all those bid level bonuses, it just confuses things. Describe the
package, set a starting price, set a shipping price, and make it easy
on all of us.

HIDDEN FEES - In the past, buyers have complained about the adding of
undisclosed fees (i.e. adding PayPal fees and this so-called-optional
PayPal insurance) Why? Why in the world, would you want to strong arm
the few customers you have in this world? Set your price, set your
shipping costs and let the magic of eBay make you money.

Ya see...here's how it works for me. When I bid, I think, "A maximum
dollar amount" and beyond that, it falls in to the category, "Not worth
it." Some sellers offer free shipping and, the only result: higher
bids. Why? Because, "it's still worth it!" That is, until it's not.

The seller doesn't really lose out on the shipping because he will
actually get higher bids by offering the fair shipping as a bonus.
Offer a reasonably low, flat-rate, shipping fee, to both International
& U.S. bidders then sit back and watch how high Int'l bidders will
drive up your auctions...it will blow your mind. You'll make more
money. The Int'l bidders will push your local bidders higher because
international bidders are expecting to pay more in the first place.

Other sellers do an opposite trick. They start the bid at $.99 and
charge a double digit ($XX.00) flat shipping. No problem, all that
means is the $XX.00 shipping amount is the actual cost of goods and
anything over the $.99 bid is the profit in his pocket. And, (back to
economics 101) the net result of higher shipping costs: lower bids.

I can deal with those sellers too. It doesn't change the "Maximum
Dollar Amount" vs. "Not Worth It" equation at all. It's all the same
dollar amount and, at a certain point, it becomes "Not Worth It." So,
what am I saying? If you simply offered a set $ amount for shipping,
with no extra surprises, you wouldn't lose any money, you probably
would sell more items at higher bid amounts and secure a long line of
happy customers.

Another problem is ambiguity. You still has a looonng way to go. Look
at the the eMate 4MB ad, again. B-) Wow! What a difference. Work it Mr.
Navigator! And to think, someone thought $69 + Shipping was worth it.
Way to go!

Now look at some of your 2100 packages....blech! Every time I load one
of those ads, I'm presented with a book's worth of text describing who
knows what. What am I bidding on? I have no idea. Try summarizing it
and organizing your ads somewhat this:

Auction Summary:
   A single Line "This is included" statement
   A single Line "This is included" statement
   A single Line "This is included" statement

Features & Description:
   Write here until your heart's content, but not more than a couple
paragraphs, keep it relevant.

Condition & Warranty:
   A paragraph describing an honest assessment of the the condition of
the items and your guarantee.

Shipping & Other Terms:
   Set a fair and honest price for US and Int'l customers. Or, let eBay
& PayPal shipping calculators help you sell your stuff.

Good Luck! And may the competition keep you honest.


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