Re: [NTLK] Why I don't buy from Knowledge Navigator (Example #3)

From: John <>
Date: Wed May 10 2006 - 06:18:09 EDT

>I don't know how
>many people remember GEM enterprises or J&K Sales, but these names
>used to be anathema on NTLK too, but they listened to criticism, and
>changed their practices, and they are now mainstay Newton suppliers.
>It is also fair to say, and I hope that Ferdi doesn't get upset that I
>say this, that he was quite young when he started, and quite impetuous
>and hot headed. I have also long thought and hoped that he was willing
>to learn, and I think it is safe to say that he has shown a lot of
>maturity and growth. For instance, this thread has gone on quite long,
>and he has not once replied in his older, hot-headed ways. ;-)

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