Re: [NTLK] Intel MacBook Pro and Newton ?

From: Sonya Hipper <>
Date: Wed May 10 2006 - 12:47:29 EDT


I've been using NewtSync, Escale, and Blunt/Neo/Nitro for everything
but backups to computer (for which I'm still using NCU, as I'm still
on PPC hardware ;-) ) with generally good luck. The biggest drawback
for me is not being able to sync repeating events between Dates and

If you run into a situation where it crashes syncing Names and
Address Book (which is, alas, a fairly common complaint), here's a
solution for'll seem pretty radical, but hear me out (I've
published this here before, but it's always worth another go. :-) ).
These instructions assume that you've got Blunt, Neo, Nitro (all
available from the amazing Eckhart @ ), and some
means by which to connect to NewtSync. ONLY use these instructions if
you simply can't get NewtSync to get thru the Names portion of the

1) Do a "select all" from within names and BTObEx them into your
MacBook Pro as a vCard, then just drag the resulting card on your
'Book into Address Book, though you're on your own recognizance for
selecting your duplicate handling methods.
2) Back up your Names soup to your linear flash card using the Card
program!!!! (VERY IMPORTANT!)
3) Delete the contents of your Names store (this is why Step 2 is
important...just in case something goes wrong)
4) With NewtSync set to give the Newton copy preference in the case
of duplicates (which is always how you should do Names sync in
NewtSync, or it'll overwrite your owner card >< ), do the sync. It
*SHOULD* make it thru.

WARNING: If you use any info-linking software like MoreInfo, you will
have to re-link Names cards to any Notes or Dates entries after doing

I've had to do this once now myself, but it didn't take me too long,
thankfully. And, with luck, you'll only have to do it once. The only
time NewtSync seems to choke is when bringing names from the Newt to
the Mac, although the reasons for this are not clear to me. The
crashing on bringing a Name from the Mac to the Newt hasn't happened
in any of my testing.

Of course, your sync may very likely go just fine and you won't need
these instructions, but you (and everyone else) have them should the
need arise. (And, if my selling off of surplus gear for my company
goes well, they'll be furnishing me with my very own MacBook Pro,
so...I'll be utterly dependent on OS X-native solutions!)


Norman Palardy wrote:

> Since the Intel Macs cannot run Classic how the heck do I sync the
> newton and my new MacBook Pro ?
> I've got lots of connectors and options but what applications are
> people using when NCU is not an option ?
> I've never had much luck with other sync options, but I have no
> choices any longer

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