[NTLK] Newton MessagePad 2000 w/extras

From: Michael Stuparyk <macguide_at_spymac.com>
Date: Sun May 14 2006 - 20:31:13 EDT

Hey all,
Been a long time lurker, not much of a poster however. Regardless, I
have some Newton stuff I'd like to sell, and I was wondering if
anyone was interested. If you are, please email me back to

Newton MessagePad 2000 --> Fair condition. Unit functions well, just
the usual wear and tear. Note that the original screen lid that snaps
into the unit is cracked. I will leave the preloaded software on the
unit. There is various useful programs on it, including Eudora (I
think), some unit conversion apps, couple games, Avi's Backdrop, and
a bunch of ethernet drivers preinstalled. I also have a memory card
for it (8MB I think) which I used for backup.

Apple Newton Keyboard

33.6k Modem

RS232 (PC) Serial and Dongle

AC Adapter w/Battery Tray (not the NiMH pack)

Two Newton Cases --> Deluxe Canvas Case, and a slip in leather case
with flap.

Various Other Stuff --> I have a bag full of Newton Stuff. Majority
of it is manuals and floppies, from various Newtons (some stuff seems
to be for the 120, 130, and the 2000). Too much to list!

I think $200 for everything is fair. If you have any questions, want
more information, pictures, etc feel free to email me!


aka. AppleAuthority

M.S. Consulting
Specializing in Mac OS X and Linux implementations.

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