Re: [NTLK] Heaps of heap... not?

From: Nate Goore <>
Date: Wed May 17 2006 - 19:30:14 EDT

> Andy - couple of things to try:
Bluetooth - get version 0.7.6 of Bluetooth setup (0.7.7 is the most
current). So you'll have version 0.7.7 of Blunt and 0.7.6 of Bluetooth
setup. You need to do this anyway, it may take care of your problem
> 1. I've downloaded all the relevant software for Bluetooth
> connectivity, have working Pico card and have gone through the Wiki
> steps to get the fella up and going but get instant error messages
> when trying to connect to my iBook. Am I running out of heap or the
> suchlike?
You might be running out of heap. make sure you have one of the -10061
fixes, it helps. Eventually you'll want a 2100 or an upgraded 2000 if
you want many add-on packages.
> 2. If so, can I transfer some of the applications to my flashcard to
> open a bit of space up? I've tried freezing them and trying things
> but with no luck... what's the story?
yes - in fact, keep as many of the packages as you can on the card
unless the package needs to be on the internal store. I only keep the
networking/bluetooth/wireless/backup packages on the internal store (so
I can restore easily if the card melts down, which they do
periodically). Try getting your bluetooth setup to work with only the
necessary packages installed first.
> It's a pity as I'm growing progressively more reliant on the MP for
> teaching notes, addresses etc
I've used one consistently since 1995 - whenever I've gotten a palm or
similar device I use it for a month or so and go back. The bluetooth
functionality is a big deal for me, I can use my cellphone as a modem
anywhere and so the newton gets a lot of use for email again. Dumping
notes to my laptop is also a lot easier, and I also use the newton as
my primary calendar/contacts list, but push numbers/addresses I need to
my phone or laptop.

I went through a lot of trial and error getting bluetooth to work, not
all the answers were on the various help pages. let me know if you run
into specific problems and I may have had the same problem at some

Good luck!

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