[NTLK] You all know how good it feels...

From: Puckdropper <puckdropper_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Sat May 27 2006 - 06:22:20 EDT

To have a Newton without Jaggies. I recently had to
do surgery on mine (operation time 1 hr 17 minutes),
and now have my PDA back. I think Apple's mistake was
having a writable surface under the frame of the
screen and not sealing it for dust. If they had a
small (say 1 mm) border around the frame and sealed
it, I doubt the jaggies would be as big of problem.
I'm not an engineer, I just play one on MS Train
Simulator! (chuckles)

One tip:
When reassembling the Newton 2x00, make sure the
battery cage and display all seat how they did
originally. Check the area next to the opening
especially. I didn't get this part seated correctly
(and didn't notice it) and now have a cracked case at
the bottom that will probably never seal 100% like the
factory install.


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