[NTLK] wifi SSID

From: Bill Benson <whbenson_at_sonic.net>
Date: Wed Nov 01 2006 - 19:40:42 EST

After noticing so many free hotspots on a recent road trip, I thought
I'd pick up a cheap wireless card on ebay and bring my 2100 out of
retirement as an e-mail client. The first issue, though, is learning
or guessing the SSID name. I wonder if there's some special string
that would match any broadcast SSID name to establish a connection?
Or maybe there would be some trace of SSIDs encountered by the
wireless driver in one its data structures that could be seen with
Viewframe or Trashpak or some such? Any ideas or tips greatly

Incidentally, there's much more of a problem sending e-mail than
receiving because so many SMTP servers require SSL. This may be
common knowledge, but I've had success with the free site
www.mail2web.com, which will send outgoing mail on your behalf,
though you have to trust them with your e-mail login and password.
I've accessed this through the venerable NetHopper, which works ok,
though seems to want to center the text of received e-mails. Does
anyone know how to control the formatting?

-Bill Benson

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