[NTLK] Help!!

From: Steve Trotter <trotter_at_nwinfo.net>
Date: Thu Nov 02 2006 - 23:02:55 EST

I'm stuck
Loaded a couple of packages into my 2100, storing/installing to the card.
Things locked up, so I rebooted.
The newt looked to the memory card to restore applications there and
rolled merrily along until
it encountered DM Notes:SAS -- standalone's note application. It locks
up at this point. rebooting simply repeats the above.
question: how can I delete files from the memory card when I can't boot
up with the card in, and when I insert the card it restores and locks up
as above?
My 120 won't recognize the card: it's six MB, so I can't erase the card
Any pointers on accessing a card when the newt won't load it? Or erasing
the card altogether?


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