Re: [NTLK] Random historical thoughts...

From: Andrei Chichak <>
Date: Mon Nov 06 2006 - 21:57:26 EST

Hey Maurice! Great to hear from you again.
(Maurice was one of the guys that I cornered at
the WWDC in 1993 to get the skinny on the Newton just before it was released)

> I ended up at Palm,
>when they were about 150 people (but that is a different story.)

Did you ever run into Chris Thompson? He's another guy from the UofA.

>We also like having fun... a few
>examples... One of the people in DTS could buy Silly Putty in bulk.

Is that the Silly Putty that got handed out as
prizes at the Circus party at WWDC '94?

>The other thing I remember is the DTS group doing skits at every
>developer conference (I was usually the instigator.)

Being a good TheatreSports guy and all...

>I remember working with the prototypes of the MP100. In the early
>days we had math recognition in there as well... unfortunately the
>engineer who wrote that ended up having a child and could not be
>there to fix bugs... I do have a prototype MessagePad (called NotePad
>back then) that has a beta build... I will have to check if math
>recognition is still working.

I have one of the old DTS units with the hole
chopped in the back for the ROM card, but it has
the jaggies worse than Tom Waits.

>I also remember
>the 110, we did a production run with clear cases that turned out to
>be not quite right... those become the thank you's for the people who
>worked on "Lindy" I still have mine.

I've got mine too (had to pay for it though).

>My fondest memory was soon after we released. We wanted to get a lot
>of developers trained, so my manager (and great friend and mentor)
>Gabriel Acosta-Mikulasek (was Acosta-Lopez), put together a 1 week
>training course with DTS... during the summer we ran that course 6
>times in a row... 6 weeks of training developers at about 30 odd a

I - I - I think I was there... I have a picture
of the people in my Newton programming class,
with quite a few Apple people, being taught by
none other than Kent Beck of Extreme Programming
fame. Or was that a different session?

>That's all for now... if you have specific questions, I could do my
>best to answer.

Was there any documentation of the expansion
affordances of the 2x00? Between the serial
interconnect, the knockout for a keyboard cable,
the threaded holes - were there any design notes
with sizes for boards? how to get at the GPIO bit? schematics?

>Maurice Sharp

Thanks for turning me on to New York Super Fudge Chunk,


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