[NTLK] Overclocking Experiment and R4equest for MP130

From: Sam Speake <sam.speake_at_ntlworld.com>
Date: Wed Nov 08 2006 - 04:24:56 EST

I recently posted a message about overclocking my MessagePad130.
I had seen a few websites that had performed this surgery and I was
keen to give it a go.

The results where less than impressive and can be viewed in the
'projects' section on my site http://www.newtonresource.co.uk/

The end result is that there was no real speed increase and an
error on my part (not sure how) has left my trusty newton with
an intermittent power off fault. In reflection I maybe should not have
tried to mess with it as its my day-to-day newton.

I'm off to visit family over the pond in Boston in a few weeks and I
may need to get another MP130 for the trip to get my emails
and stuff. Plus something to keep me occupied on the flight when the
run out on my PSP after 2hrs!

My question is... before I start looking on ebay does any one have a
MP130 in
good condition and working order they would like to sell? Payment via
or Cheque (in sterling). I will pay the 3% to cover paypal fees and
any postage

If any one can help please drop me a line and we will talk $$$$$

And I won't mess with this one!


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