Re: [NTLK] Importing Mac address book with IC/VC into Newton's names

From: Steve Hammond <>
Date: Wed Nov 08 2006 - 20:12:28 EST

Hi Paul,
> I think this is a one at a time process, but let me know if you find
> otherwise as I have around a thousand I would like to send to my
> 2100 from
> Outlook... Then the problem is that Outlook only exports one vcard
> at a time
> natively. I found a program to do batches, but it's not freeware.

No in fact, it worked just fine for multiple contact in a vCard if
the vCard model is Version 2. Individual vCard using V3 encoding work
fine, but not multiple ones.

Maybe the V3 format for delimiters is not correct in IC/VC. Cannot
say for sure.

I do not know about Outlook, but if you can export all vCard using
the V2 model, I suppose it should work just fine.


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