Re: [NTLK] Importing Mac address book with IC/VC into Newton's names

From: Steve Hammond <>
Date: Thu Nov 09 2006 - 20:39:10 EST

> How the Sam Hill do you find the version of vCard Outlook is using?
> Even
> still (is that proper English?), Outlook natively can only export 1
> contact
> at a time using vCard. You have to open the individual contact
> before the
> vCard option is available...

I looked on a WinXP WAB application, and there's no way to select all
contacts and export to one vCard that I found...

As to the version of the vCard, that's not mention either...

The best solution I can suggest to you: switch to a Mac :) hahaha
Juts kidding!

Maybe there is some free-ware or shareware that can help on Windows.

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