[NTLK] Newt Newbie questions

From: Scott Hoffman <scottyhoffo_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Mon Nov 13 2006 - 19:20:54 EST

     First let me say "Hi!" and it's great to be on the "Green side"! :)

     I just recently purchased my first Newton - a 2100 - from eBay / J & K
Sales. I have been steadily gathering items necessary to hook it up to
either of my computers and have hit a bit of a wall.

     I have two Macs - a Power Mac G5 (later model dual-core 2.3GHz) and a
PowerBook G4 (12" display 1.5GHz) both running OS X 10.4.8 Tiger. I have
Classic mode loaded onto both of them and can't get anything out of my USB
to serial adapter - a Belkin F5U103... I get a red LED but can't seem to get
the driver into the right spot. Whenever I plug it in I receive this error
     System extension cannot be used.
     The system extension
│/System/Library/Extensions/BelkinF5U103Driver.kext│ was installed
improperly and cannot be used. Please try reinstalling it, or contact the
product╣s vendor for an update.

     I put the driver into the "Extensions" folder under
/user/library/extensions. This is using the OS X driver found on

     Whenever I try to load NCU under Classic, it crashes and I have to
Force Quit. (it tries to close every program but that and I think it has a
problem with OS X being there... Donno)

     I have read good things about the Keyspan dual serial-USB adapter so I
have ordered one of those - it appears that their OS X support is much

**Edit - I just received the Keyspan adapter today and am in the process of
hooking it up.**

     On somewhat of a side note, if anyone needs an extra serial cable I
have two extra that I'm willing to part with - had to order a minimum amount
from the online vendor and have a 6-foot and 15-foot one just taking up
space. (they're Mac mini-DIN serial cables)
As well, if the Keyspan model works, I'll offer up that Belkin model too.

      Yet another issue I have been having is with my Newton Keyboard - I
plug it into the serial dongle and hook it up to the Newton and get nothing
- I open up Notes and tap on the screen and nothing I type appears - nada.
      As I have the latest Newton OS I shouldn't need any extra drivers
should I? How can I tell that the Newton's port is actually working and
rule out the keyboard?

      Thank you for any help you can provide - looking forward to getting
her all set up! :)
     Take care,
     Scott Hoffman

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