[NTLK] sync in osx

From: Stewart Douglas <douglab_at_hotmail.com>
Date: Sun Nov 19 2006 - 19:18:45 EST


I have had no luck so far syncing w/newtsync newten and such using a
keyspan 19hs 9pin adapter...

Possible variables causing it not to work:

-pinouts to the 8din I am using are incorrect (there are a couple of
them on the net)
-my newton is OMP ver. 1.0 (but can't update obviously)
-newtsync or newten does not work anyway

I have a keyspan usa 28x (two 8dins) on order to resolve the pinout
Please, Please don't tell me how to do it in 2.0...or that my newton
will only work in
Mac OS w/ NCK...as they will not install on my g5 in classic mode
(NCK crashes OS every time on boot)

In desperation I dusted off a mac classic, however, while its os
(7.01) was bare minimum for NCK, its processor was one generation too

any advice?

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