[NTLK] Trying to make up my mind about a button on my site

From: Frank Gruendel <newtontalk_at_pda-soft.de>
Date: Mon Nov 20 2006 - 16:55:55 EST

Hi folks,

could you please invest a couple of seconds and go to


I'm trying to make up my mind about whether the "Home"
button on the top left-hand corner is necessary or not. It
brings you back to the site's start page. But the icon
above it does the same, because most web sites bring you
back to their start page if you click on their logo.

Would you think of clicking this logo if you wanted to
get back to the start page? Or wouldn't you be aware of this
quasi-standard edit your browser's address field instead?

and Do you consider this Home button a useful asset, or
do you think it could be removed?

Please reply off-list, and please do not consider it
impolite if I do not answer.

Thanks a lot


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