[NTLK] Newton on radio show with Steve Wozniac

From: Susanna <sus_at_mac.com>
Date: Wed Nov 22 2006 - 21:52:04 EST


Yesterday I heard Steve Wozniac being interviewed on the Kojo Nnamdi
show on our local public radio station. When the Newton was brought
up, he spoke of it in glowing terms, and said it had ruined his life
because now he really doesn't like to use any other PDA.

Here's the webpage where you can hear the interview:
Click the link under the heading "Listen to this segment." I
listened to it again to locate the part about the Newton. It's about
2/3 of the way through and the numbers on my RealPlayer window are at
about 39:00 just before the Newton part begins.

Steve Wozniac talks about how he could use the Newton just the way
his brain thought -- that he could write something like dentist
appointment thursday at 3:00 -- and then just click a button to get
it on the calendar.

I've never made use of the Assist function before (which I assume is
what he was talking about); things seem plenty convenient without it.
On the other hand, it is a pretty neat function. Do other people use
it much?

One thing I wouldn't like about using Assist for scheduling is that
after Assist opens the appointment slip for you and you go ahead and
confirm it, you end up with the datebook being open. I'd rather if
you could just confirm the appointment and go straight back to
writing in notes or whatever you were doing before, rather having to
close the datebook first -- or, alternatively, if I could specify
that it should open up MoreInfo instead of the datebook, since that's
what I normally use. Any way of doing either of these?

And as long I am writing one of my rare posts, I also want to take
this opportunity to thank everyone for all the helpful information
they share on this list -- and also for the Newton Museum Torrent,
which I downloaded a couple weeks ago. (I had gotten around to
downloading it rather late, and most of the time only one other
person was seeding it, so it took quite a few days to download, but
I'm very grateful to have it; I was dissappointed that during the
several days afterwards that I kept my Torrent application open and
ready to seed, no one was trying to download, so I never did get the
chance to contribute.)


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