Re: [NTLK] FS: HP LaserJet 6MP with Appletalk and IrDA printing

From: Matt Emson <>
Date: Fri Nov 24 2006 - 08:50:41 EST

My Apple Laserwriter select 360 also rules for this. It is a little quirky
(as it appears as a remote printer to my MP120) but other than that works

Completely changing the subject to the whole serial connection thing...

Daughter's operation happened a few weeks ago. All went well. She finally
had the bandages all removed yesterday, and now has a very sore looking hand
with 5 digits (as opposed to the previous state.) However, all is not well.
Financially it was a complete kicker, so I'm going to have to delay work on
the whole serial conect thing till I can get myself back on an even keel
money wise. Hopefully this should be in the next few weeks, but with the
holidat season rapidly approaching, might take a little longer.

> I love how those had the appletalk port. I have one of those I managed to
gleem at work (unfortunately only for work). So
> cool having a Apple compatible printer just right there!

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