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Date: Tue Nov 28 2006 - 14:08:05 EST

~~~ On 2006/11/28 15:00, Abraham Limpo Martínez at
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> Having participated in similar bussinesses I have to say selling it in
> pieces has disadvantages for the seller, because there are pieces whose
> desirability may not attract instantly a buyer. By selling the entire
> bundle, perhaps he will not get the same money, but he will be able to
> offload *all* the items.
> An example: in my company we sell keychains fashioned after popular
> characters in anime series. Usually we sell them in bundles of seven
> different characters, because our main clients are stores. But on
> comic-fairs we usually sell the keychains separatedly. As the pack of
> seven costs 5€ (to the stores) and we sell the keychains by 1€, we
> teoretically are getting 2€ more per bundle. Reality check: there are
> character more popular than others, so we usually end with uncompleted
> bundles and the higher costs is merely to offset the fact that we are
> going to throw away the "uncool ones". On the other hand, when we try to
> sell only bundles, obviously our sales drop ("why the heck I want 7
> keychains? can you sell me just Naruto?").
> In his case, I also would go and try to sell the entire bundle;
> otherwise he will have to throw out probably most of the software and
> documentation, as is not popular as the hardware.
> My 2 cents...


I see what you're getting at, but I have a few problems with it. Here are
just 2.

Would I be right in thinking that your keychains don't retail for as much
per item as, say, a MP2x00 (of which he says he has a couple of *dozen*)?
The items listed are going to go for a bit more than your (or his) 2 cents.
Taken as a collection, if the bundle is as large as he says, then I have a
feeling that this bundle is going to add up to well in excess of $1000. I
don't even want to think about shipping as a lot. How many of us want to
fork out that much? I know I don't have it.

I would see that as just one flaw in your analogy. There's also the
difference that there's hardly an item John listed in his OP that won't find
a number of us in a (dignified) scrabble to make first claim. And there are
a number of things that some of us don't want, but that others of us would
gnaw off an arm (no pun intended) to get. The Newt is an amazing
technology, and the Newton community is large enough that our appetite is
large and varied.

What might be better is, instead of selling off as a "mammoth bundle", to
make up and sell smaller "Newt-sets" (I'm making this up as I go along): a
Newt with some of the basic accessories to create a number of start-up kits.
As well as that, he could create a number of accessory sets, grouping things
together perhaps thematically -- comms accessories, or whatever. That might
be more manageable for John and for prospective customers.

And that's my 2/100s of a dollar, FWIW.


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