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Date: Wed Nov 29 2006 - 10:22:12 EST

        Agreed. I recently offloaded a bunch of Atari disks on the condition that some hard to find floppy drives were attached. Naturally he might have thrown the rest of the disks away (actually he didn't, I know him) but at least I myself didn't have to try them away, but got them out of my possession all the same.

        But then this is also GIVING the things away. That is the only difference.

        Doc Clu

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Having participated in similar bussinesses I have to say selling it in
pieces has disadvantages for the seller, because there are pieces whose
desirability may not attract instantly a buyer. By selling the entire
bundle, perhaps he will not get the same money, but he will be able to
offload *all* the items.

An example: in my company we sell keychains fashioned after popular
characters in anime series. Usually we sell them in bundles of seven
different characters, because our main clients are stores. But on
comic-fairs we usually sell the keychains separatedly. As the pack of
seven costs 5€ (to the stores) and we sell the keychains by 1€, we
teoretically are getting 2€ more per bundle. Reality check: there are
character more popular than others, so we usually end with uncompleted
bundles and the higher costs is merely to offset the fact that we are
going to throw away the "uncool ones". On the other hand, when we try to
sell only bundles, obviously our sales drop ("why the heck I want 7
keychains? can you sell me just Naruto?").

In his case, I also would go and try to sell the entire bundle;
otherwise he will have to throw out probably most of the software and
documentation, as is not popular as the hardware.

My 2 cents...

L.W. Brown escribió:
> Perhaps: once there is a complete list, then several interested
> parties could buy the lot, take what they want and sell off the rest...
> On 27. Nov, 2006, at 11:42, Lord Groundhog wrote:
>> ~~~ On 2006/11/26 06:55, L.W. Brown at wrote ~~~
>>> Holey Mac'el!
>>> You might get much more by selling in pieces, tho the hassle does
>>> go up.
>>> Who was it sold off the Museum? His experience would be
>>> appropriate...

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