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From: Lord Groundhog <>
Date: Thu Nov 30 2006 - 10:36:11 EST

~~~ On 2006/11/30 01:07, Sonny Hung at wrote ~~~

> Well I'm a little wary but here goes.
> I've gotten a call (5pm est) from an acquaintance/friend about a job
> interview last minute for tomorrow at possibly 4pm est.
> I'll have my resume and Newt in hand going into it and I'd ask for
> those who are willing to pray for me that this prospect might be the
> job tailored for me and according to His plan.
> It's a bit scary being out of the IT field for the last 3 plus years,
> but I'm going to pray tonight with my wife about this and hope that
> the tentative discussion about the possibly interview will be firmed
> out later tomorrow morning...
> I would say to you that it's a work of faith right now being formed...
> but that's me
> Thanks for hearing this out.
> I'm not sure about this job as it will take away from the luxury I've
> had to spend more time with my daughter and almost 10 month old son...
> I pray for His assurance tomorrow...

Count me in, bro!


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