[NTLK] [ANN] Someone has taken UNNA.org...

From: Morgan Aldridge <makkintosshu_at_mac.com>
Date: Sun Apr 01 2007 - 19:08:42 EDT

... namely me, Morgan Aldridge.

I've moved www.unna.org & tools.unna.org over to my server in
anticipation of the main www.unna.org server in Tampa, FL, going
offline tomorrow. However, I'm still about 10MB shy of the full
mirrors.unna.org dataset, so if anyone else has already downloaded
the full mirrors.unna.org torrent and would be able to seed for a
while tonight, that would be greatly appreciated.

My server will only be part of the final home for UNNA, but it'll get
us through the next couple of weeks while I balance the UNNA.org
bandwidth usage. So, please be gentle with the services in the meantime.

After moving UNNA over to my server and performing some testing I've
fixed a few bugs and introduced some new ones (although minor). The
current list of bugs is as follows (with solutions in the pipeline):

* /icons/pkg.gif generates a 404 error, even though the file exists.
* PHP does not have GD installed, so Captcha images on WikiWikiNewt
are not generated (making it impossible to update pages).
* E-mail is not yet being forwarded to my server.

Please let me know if you have any questions or run into any other
bugs in the meantime.

See also: http://www.makkintosshu.com/journal/unna-takeover


Morgan Aldridge

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