[NTLK] Artist needed for new Toolkit icons

From: matthiasm <mm_at_matthiasm.com>
Date: Mon Apr 02 2007 - 03:04:05 EDT

Hello Newtonians,

I am looking for someone who is willing and able to create about 30
little graphic icons for the OpenSource and free DyneToolkit.

DyneTK, the Newton Toolkit clone for all platforms, is coming along
great, and I will publish a new version in the next few days. It can
already compile packages that run on the Newton.

To make the program appealing and usable, I will need a bunch of
graphical icons, most of them in 16x16 or 24x24 pixels, replacing the
ones used in the original Toolkit. Sure, I can draw those myself, but
they would be ugly and it would take me a lot of time that I should
rather spend programming ;-). Obviously, I can not use the original

The style should be modern, full color, preferably using the alpha
channel for great looks. Since this is not a commercial project, all
I can offer is credits in the "About" dialog and documentation, and
of course the honor to have helped the Newton community.



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