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From: Lord Groundhog <>
Date: Mon Apr 02 2007 - 07:04:15 EDT

~~~ On 2007/04/02 11:36, jg at wrote ~~~

> Hi All,
> I am happy owner of a Tibook. Still I need a right hinge. Pls check
> your drawers.
> John


If nobody has a spare part, you can go to

Click on "Choose a Mac" -- they list 3 different Titaniums -- and choose the
model of your Tibook. Then choose the speed, then choose the category; you
want "case components" I think. They tend to have parts for most machines,
and they also post good instructions on how to do your own repairs.
Considering how tricky hinge repairs can be, that's a good thing.

So far I've found their prices decent. (And for the record, I have no
connection to the site.)

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