[NTLK] NTK Rewrite, now DyneTK, a second look

From: matthiasm <mm_at_matthiasm.com>
Date: Tue Apr 03 2007 - 16:17:23 EDT

Hi there,

News from DyneTK: We can compile, pack, and download Newton
applications! I wrote the first Newton Script program using DyneTK
using DyneTK alone.

For those who feel like testing this out, here is the link (sorry,
MSWindows only at the moment):


I will be out of town for a while, so there are likely no updates
(and not internet for me, OMG!). But when I return I will finally put
the source code into the SVN at SourceForge. It would be fantastic to
find volunteers to create the Makefile for the Linux setup and the
XCode project file. The source code needs only very few changes,
mainly around the serial port code.

Currenlty, the app crashes a lot, gives few to no error messages and
supports only a single source file. Isn't pre-alpha software
wonderful? ;-)

Happy hacking.


PS: my big thanks go to Makoto Nukui, Paul Guyot, Simon Bell and Andy
Galluzzi for all their help!

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