[NTLK] QuickFigure Works Exchange and Excel 2000 on Win2k machine

From: Tony Kan <tonykan_at_xtra.co.nz>
Date: Wed Apr 04 2007 - 09:10:00 EDT


A while ago I asked for some help on getting QF Exchange to work on a PC. I'm
glad to report that I got it going. The answer is to copy the following files
into the following directory.

Date Time Attrib Bytes File name
---------- -------- ------ ---------------- --------

C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Application Data\Microsoft\AddIns

08/02/2004 00:45:29 A----- 28,304 cdil16.dll
08/02/2004 00:45:45 A----- 53,760 cdil32.dll
08/02/2004 00:45:46 A----- 3,328 handle.dll
08/02/2004 00:46:01 A----- 15,360 handle32.dll
08/02/2004 00:46:10 A----- 31,680 mnp.dll
08/02/2004 00:46:19 A----- 62,464 mnp32.dll
28/03/2007 00:49:01 A----- 248,320 qfx.xla
08/03/2007 16:01:13 A----- 0 QFXPrefs
                                      443,216 8 Files

It assumes you are logged in as the Administrator; if not then presumably there
is a functionally equivalent folder under the specific users folders.

I activated the .xla add-in within Excel first (click "tools-addins" and check
the Quickfigure Exchange box).

On the Newton with the spreadsheet open, tap "tools-Exchange-send"

Make sure Excel has a blank spreadsheet already open.

On Excel click "QuickFigure-receive" and voila!

The Exchange programme seems to suck the data from your Newton spreadsheet and
imports it into the blank spreadsheet. The title of the Newton spreadsheet
doesn't make it across.

HTH somebody else.



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