[NTLK] Fwd: Lot of 7 emates for $100.

From: Gary Moody <gmoody_at_gmx.net>
Date: Wed Apr 04 2007 - 18:52:06 EDT


As stated in the email, I am *not* the seller of these eMates...I was simply forwarding an email sent to a different low-bandwidth Newton mailing list by the seller.

The seller is Brandon Comella - Quantumfanatic@gmail.com.

I have no association with the seller, just wanted to give the NewtonTalk folks a chance to see the advertisement if there was any interest.

Please write to Brandon at Quantumfanatic@gmail.com for details of the offer.

Also, take any steps you deem necessary to validate the seller and his goods as, again, I have no association, don't know him, and cannot personally vouch for him.

An important question to ask Brandon is if any of the eMates exhibit the "hinge-snapped" display cable problem, rendering the screen touch-insensitive, which is a big, expensive problem. Another question is if any of these come with the enhanced memory module, which would be a nice surprise. In all cases, "En caveat emptor"!

Good luck and regards,


BTW: The seller has bumped the number of eMates to 7 for $100 USD per the email below:

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Datum: Wed, 04 Apr 2007 22:17:34 -0000
Von: "quantumfanatic" <Quantumfanatic@gmail.com>
An: "Newton List" <newtonlist@googlegroups.com>
Betreff: Re: Lot of 6 emates for $100.

If anyone buys it before Friday I will throw in another emate for a
total of 7 emates!

On Apr 4, 3:02 pm, "quantumfanatic" <Quantumfana...@gmail.com> wrote:
> I have 6 emates with dead batteries left to sell. They all boot up
> fine. A few may have minor screen blemishes or missing a PC card
> cover. It is only $100 + shipping for all six of them. Please send me
> an email if you are interested.

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