[NTLK] Mac on a Newton?

From: Brett Feinblatt <bafein_at_mac.com>
Date: Fri Apr 06 2007 - 09:13:53 EDT

Several years ago, around 2003, there was a guy working on a Mac
emulator for the Newton - sort of a twist on vMac. The only word I've
seen on this is in the forum discussion, which as I said seems to
have ended around 2003.
Does anyone else know of this little project, and more importantly,
whether or not he got it to work?

This is the real thing - not that faker that runs through the OS 8
startup screens, takes you to the desktop and then throws an error
message at you a few times before you realize that's all it actually

I think it'd be very cool, to be able to run the old System 7 on my
Newt. Particularly if I could have one of the old MS Office packages
in the mix as well.

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