Re: [NTLK] Unable to sync Tasks in nSync

From: Michael Wittmann <>
Date: Fri Apr 06 2007 - 10:55:28 EDT

Hi, all,

I know some of you are able to sync tasks using nSync. I always get
the following error:

Error: NSInvalidArgumentException
Reason: *** -[NSCFArray addObject:]: attempt to insert nil

I have no other sync action active, so syncing tasks is the only
thing it's trying to do. I am using nSync 0.3.3, with DateSync 0.3.2
installed into the application bundle (as suggested). I also have
ToDoSync.bundle version 0.4 installed.

Here's the odd thing - if I turn off all sync actions, I get the same
error. Having only the ToDoSync.bundle version 0.4 installed gives me
this error - even when it's turned off. I get the same error when
it's turned on.

This sounds to me like a problem with the bundle, not with my Newton.
Any insight from users who are having success?


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