Re: [NTLK] Another article critical of the Newton

From: Steve Hammond <>
Date: Fri Apr 06 2007 - 22:02:35 EDT

> Steve Hammond wrote:
>> I personally bought OS/2, as a pretext to use a PC with capability
>> like a Mac, and was disappointed all the way. The interface was
> lets see preemptive multi tasking (years before anything else),
> 'virtualised' windows ;-), object oriented and on and on and on. I
> just
> finally turned off my os/2 firewall after almost 10 straight YEARS of
> operation and not I'm ready to rebuild it and put it back in
> service as
> it's much less prone to getting whacked than anything on windows or
> linux at this point.
Just to be on the safe side, I bought OS/2 because it was technically
quite advanced. On paper it sounds really good. All technical details
you're mentioning are true, and I never said nor never will say it

But I was talking about the usability of the GUI compared to what a
Mac could gave even at the time. It was nothing as good as Mac OS.
Not to mention the Newton (that I did not know at the time) that is
even better than OS/2 was from a user point of view.

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